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Villaggio on Yarrow Bay has been owned by the same owner since 1971, which is indicative of his commitment to long term development of each asset.  The owner personally oversaw the complete renovation of the property in 2005, imparting personal touches throughout.

The owner is passionate about Villaggio as it is his longest running asset and as such provides a great deal of attention to detail and strives to ensure that every resident feels as strong a connection to the property and the local area as he does.

Thrive Communities, our professional management company, is the perfect partner for Villaggio on Yarrow Bay.  A local company headquartered in downtown Seattle, they offer a unique and personal boutique style of management tailored to each specific community and reflective of the owner’s desires.  Similar to the ownership at Villaggio, Thrive is guided in their day-to-day operations by their original founders, ensuring that they consistently provide communities and environments where residents can “be healthy, do well, flourish and prosper,” or in other words, THRIVE.

Property Manager:  Ben O’Sullivan

Ben has been at Villaggio since 2012, starting first as the Assistant Manager before moving into the role of Property Manager in 2015.  Prior to joining the team at Villaggio he worked for Avalon Communities in downtown Bellevue and Kirkland.  Ben’s diverse apartment experience has helped him to become a creative leader that finds solutions to resident and community problems and helps ensure Villaggio remains as desirable a place to live as possible.

Ben, hailing from London, England, is accordingly passionate about soccer and can be found playing in rec leagues once or twice a week.  When he is not playing soccer, he can be found playing with his dog Roscoe.   Ben’s passion for the outdoors, and pets, helps him to ensure that the grounds at Villaggio are meticulously maintained to provide enjoyment opportunities for pets and people alike.

Maintenance Manager:  Randy Cairnie

Randy joined the team at Villaggio in 2015 after years working with Prometheus Real Estate Group at 128 on State, another luxurious Kirkland property.  Winner of every award imaginable at Prometheus, from internal audit awards to “Curb Appeal” to Maintenance Manager of the Year for the Washington Multi Family Housing Association, Randy brings an unparalleled level of experience and professionalism to his role at Villaggio.  It is rare to find a maintenance manager passionate about the property and the people who live here in equal measure.

In Randy’s free time, when we can get him to stop working, he can be spotted in downtown Kirkland enjoying the small town atmosphere but big time fun that only Kirkland can deliver.  It’s a picturesque 40-minute walk along Lake Washington if you choose to take the scenic route, which many of our resident’s choose to do, to get to downtown.  You’ll find plenty to do, and perhaps Randy, when you arrive.

While people do come and go, we’ve enjoyed a tremendous amount of stability and consistency within the team at Villaggio.  We believe that when people enjoy working together that work becomes a lot less like work and more like hanging out with family, and we hope that imparts a sense of warmth and belonging to the residents are Villaggio as well.  Please see our most recent family photo below and some of the smiling, friendly faces you can expect to see when you stop by.